Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is used by businesses of all sizes to manage a range of different processes. If your company uses this ERP, ConnectPointz can help you get even more from it with customized EDI-compliant integration services.

ConnectPointz will sync your entire commerce ecosystem, automating multiple tasks and providing you with numerous valuable advantages. We'll customize a cost-effective solution that matches the size and needs of your business to help you gain the maximum benefit and the best return.


ConnectPointz connects your e-commerce business at every step of the supply chain through custom integration platform development. See what our clients have to say!

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In each and every case, ACT Data has lived up to and surpassed our expectations. Fast, direct and accurate customer service. No need to explain and re-explain your particular needs ad infinitum...they get it right the first time and every time.

Ed Brookmyer
President, Bare Ground

I had never set up a new EDI customer so I had no experience I’m grateful for your assistance and professionalism. You went above and beyond for someone who really had no idea of what to do. Thank you!

Sally Coviello
Sprigs Order Fulfillment

My company just entered the online retail space and were totally green. ConnectPointz made processing orders tracking inventory and shipments totally seamless for us from day one. The value of their service is priceless. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Laurie Ardies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI Integration

Our integrations provide a single platform that funnels all your EDI transactions into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 interface. We will unify the different systems employed by your organization, help you manage your data and provide guidance with program adjustments as your business grows.

Businesses of any size can take advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI integration services to:

Eliminate manual tasks.

Increase ERP capabilities.

Cut costs and boost profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Integration

With ConnectPointz, you can manage all your shipping activities using the systems, processes and applications you already have in place. We make it simple to access, share and export the data and insights you need to make informed purchasing decisions, manage inventory and deliver timely order fulfillment. We can also help you include other valuable insights to your dashboard that you can use to improve internal processes, manage assets and monitor product quality.

Integration With Retail Partner Channels

If you offer products through partners like Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Target or other independent retailers, ConnectPointz will let you handle all your order activity through your ERP. With our Microsoft Dynamics integration APIs, you can manage inbound and outbound orders and track your inventory in real time. Our custom EDI integrations will connect all your independent processes, helping you control costs, apply effective pricing, expedite delivery, boost satisfaction and drive more sales.

Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce Integration

Through ConnectPointz Microsoft Dynamics EDI integration, you can connect your digital storefront to your ERP. Our Dynamics integrations will streamline your e-commerce network and replace many manual processes. As a result, you can exchange accurate information at a faster rate, fill orders in less time, better manage your inventory and keep your customers happy. You'll also liberate valuable human resources, freeing yourself and others up to spend more time and energy focusing on achieving business growth and accomplishing higher-priority tasks.

ConnectPointz Microsoft Dynamics EDI

ConnectPointz EDI solutions will help organizations of any size, including small enterprises and large corporations, overcome complex data integration challenges. We will create a custom EDI integration that seamlessly connects all your different systems and services with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, helping you automate processes and making things easier to track and manage.  The solutions we provide are all scalable to meet your needs and available at an affordable price.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics integration and the benefits our EDI-compliant solutions can provide by contacting us today.

Case Studies

BUICED is a liquid vitamin product made in the USA that provides a month supply of daily shots to boost your life.
Bella Tunno
Specializing in modern, colorful and innovative baby and parenting solutions for over a decade, Bella Tunno is a leader in the world of children’s accessories.
Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology first selected ACT Data to handle its EDI needs with retail orders from brick & mortar shops for their various electronics products.