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Enterprise Integration Solutions

Many large domestic and international businesses feature a variety of source or destination challenges that do not fit into any single box.

Many international and large domestic businesses face the common challenge of having various incompatible or disjointed business systems and processes. Most systems and applications are not designed to promote interconnectivity, making them difficult to use across the entire organization. Enterprise integration solutions seek to correct this issue by providing holistic data for all departments and users across all systems, improving productivity and decision-making.

ConnectPointz has the ability to create custom solutions for large enterprises that face complex data integration problems. We will identify the best in class, enterprise-level integration solutions and customize them to meet each partner's demands. With ConnectPointz, you can unify databases, services, systems, and applications across your entire enterprise to keep meeting the high demands from your industry. We have the flexibility needed to create custom connectors for any undertaking, no matter how challenging.

Our Enterprise Data Integration Solutions

Data integration involves combining datasets from different sources to create a unified database. This data should be trustworthy, timely, accurate, and displayed in a meaningful way. ConnectPointz can create software integration solutions for enterprise-level companies just like you. Our tailored connectors provide seamless integration and automated order-to-cash processes, including the following:

  • Customized data mapping
  • Sending any electronic document to any destination
  • Adherence to each vendor's and sales channel's compliance requirements
  • Flexible event timing and batch processing

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We can customize the in-line processing rules according to the definitions and controls that you need. For example, ConnectPointz can make these changes:

  • Split orders by ship-to destination
  • Split orders by product
  • Split orders by inventory levels
  • Table lookup and cross-references

Our integrated enterprise solutions enhance the quality of data that comes through and is presented in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS) platform. Your business can use this data to better manage your operations, such as receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory replenishment.

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Advantages of Integrated Enterprise Solutions

The goal of integrating your enterprise software is to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Staying ahead of the rest involves making informed, educated decisions based on updated datasets, achievable with the enterprise-level connectors from ConnectPointz.

When you work with us for enterprise ERP integration solutions, you will gain:

  • Real-time updates, so you are always up to date on the state of your enterprise.
  • System interconnectivity to unite your technologies, processes, people, and systems.
  • Accurate data across all systems.
  • Automated business processes that coordinate your movements and boost productivity across your enterprise.
  • Unified communications across all systems, allowing everyone access to the information they require at all times

Contact ConnectPointz Today

ConnectPointz is the expert to contact when your large domestic or international business needs enterprise ERP integration solutions. We have many success stories with projects that our clients thought were impossible. Our tailored approach allows for a solution to be found for any need. ConnectPointz has more than 35 years of experience and the knowledge and technology needed to provide custom software solutions that integrate your data from multiple channels. Our services are flexible, affordable, and predictably priced.

For more information about our integrated enterprise solutions, contact us today.  


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My company just entered the online retail space and were totally green. ConnectPointz made processing orders tracking inventory and shipments totally seamless for us from day one. The value of their service is priceless. We couldn’t have done it without them!

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