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Data Warehousing Integration Solutions

Every organization uses data in its business operations, regardless of company size or industry. Data warehousing integration enables businesses to streamline data gathering and usage to help them improve processing times, minimize errors and increase data quality. ConnectPointz has some of the best data warehousing solutions in the industry, providing online merchants with flexible and affordable custom services.

Returns Management Integration Solutions

Processing customer returns is an essential business component for optimizing customer satisfaction. Each company must implement a comprehensive system for covering return shipment costs and disposing of damaged items. You can streamline the returns process to minimize losses and generate positive customer experiences for the best results with returns management solutions. ConnectPointz delivers innovative returns management services to help online merchants automate their customer returns processes, saving them time and money.

Order-to-Cash Integration Solutions

Every business has its own order-to-cash (O2C) process. Accuracy and efficiency are crucial in this process to ensure customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. With order-to-cash integration solutions, you can eliminate errors and delays and optimize your O2C processes for the best results. At ConnectPointz, we offer custom order-to-cash services designed to transform e-commerce systems for online manufacturers and brands. We emphasize flexibility, affordability and user-friendliness with every solution.

3PL Integration Solutions

If your company works with third-party logistics (3PL) providers, you can optimize your e-commerce processes and eliminate inefficiencies with 3PL integration solutions. At ConnectPointz, we provide online brands and manufacturers with 3PL fulfillment solutions that can help them gain transparency and increase their business's performance.

iPaaS Integration Solutions

Cloud integration is a prominent aspect of business processes across all industries. Speed and efficiency within digital operations are critical in today's fast-paced work climate. Luckily, you can optimize your integrations with ease when you use Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) cloud integration platforms for your company. ConnectPointz offers iPaaS solutions that help online merchants add transparency and efficiency to their businesses. With over 35 years spent providing high-quality technology services, we're the providers you can trust.

FTP Integration Solutions

Data sharing is an essential operation for any business, no matter the industry. That's why it's vital to use a reliable file transfer method that makes this process as simple and stress-free as possible. At ConnectPointz, we offer top-of-the-line FTP client integrations to make online data transfers faster and easier than ever. We're dedicated to providing customers with fully customized solutions at the most affordable rates.

API Integration Solutions

API integration solutions have become essential tools for businesses in all fields, enabling seamless application operation and performance. APIs facilitate business processes and system interactions, making it easier to share critical data and create new applications using old frameworks. With an API integration platform in your facility, you can experience efficiency and innovation like never before. At ConnectPointz, we offer API integration services for brands and manufacturers looking to sell products online. We leverage our 35 years of experience to provide companies with flexible solutions customized to meet their needs.

EDI Integration Solutions

Electronic data interchange (EDI) integrations have become popular for business-to-business (B2B) communications, enabling companies to achieve next-level automation for their intercompany processes. With EDI integration solutions from a trusted provider, you can optimize your business operations while saving time and money. At ConnectPointz, we provide online brands and manufacturers with EDI integration tools designed to automate your business. We develop our software solutions with flexibility, customization and affordability in mind to generate the best outcome for your company's needs.

ERP System Integration

ConnectPointz integrates with any ERP or accounting system to seamlessly and effortlessly sync sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and packing lists, and inventory across your entire commerce ecosystem. ConnectPointz supports all data translations and mapping, ensuring 100% EDI compliance and accuracy every time. With our EDI compliant sales channel automation services in place, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry and the high costs of data entry errors.

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In each and every case, ACT Data has lived up to and surpassed our expectations. Fast, direct and accurate customer service. No need to explain and re-explain your particular needs ad infinitum...they get it right the first time and every time.

Ed Brookmyer
President, Bare Ground

I had never set up a new EDI customer so I had no experience I’m grateful for your assistance and professionalism. You went above and beyond for someone who really had no idea of what to do. Thank you!

Sally Coviello
Sprigs Order Fulfillment

My company just entered the online retail space and were totally green. ConnectPointz made processing orders tracking inventory and shipments totally seamless for us from day one. The value of their service is priceless. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Laurie Ardies
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