EDI Challenges

By Frank Tilleli on April 8, 2022

EDI Challenges

Electronic data interchange (EDI) has enabled businesses of all types to communicate with a wide range of partners quickly. However, while EDI is fast and digital, it can also be complicated. You'll need to do your research and prepare for an array of EDI implementation challenges, like errors, higher costs and out-of-date information.

An EDI solution is made up of both hardware and software. It can eliminate many manual processes, streamlining your operation with automation and integrations with other platforms. However, you need a plan to deal with the typical challenges of EDI if you want to take full advantage of the platform and use it to its fullest potential. 

Many EDI issues are rooted in complex and inefficient systems, though even simple ones can struggle with EDI. Thankfully, preparing for the challenges in implementing EDI will give you a smooth, straightforward execution and ease of use moving forward.

Network Complexity

You likely already have an extensive network of business partners you communicate with across many different platforms on a daily basis. You may need to use a range of software to send data between a selection of various parties, from suppliers to manufacturers to third-party logistics providers. 

The more partners and platforms you have, the more challenging it can be to overcome EDI implementation issues. Each additional partner adds complexity for data quality, security and formatting capabilities. EDI can eliminate manual processes, making it easier to work with a complex network. However, if it isn't well-designed, you could face EDI problems similar to the difficulties you started with. Your solution should prioritize simplicity and make things as simple as possible for your organization.

You'll also need to consider your EDI formatting. Many of your partners will use different EDI formats, and some might not use EDI at all. You can keep communication clear with a system that translates EDIs into standardized readable formats. Data integration solutions map out the information from a message and convert it into the right format for you or your partners.


Human error can come from even the most attentive employees. Mistyping a number or forgetting a decimal point could mean big inaccuracies for your stock counts. Manual processes are especially prone to error, and while EDI helps immensely, it is not a silver bullet. EDI errors can still happen, especially with some older formats that aren't designed for human readability. It's essential to focus on avoiding errors or missing fields, which can become challenging when dealing with large volumes of data. 

You could spend more time on data entry or enlist additional verification steps. However, as manual error detection is time-consuming and still not 100% dependable, it's more productive to automate your processes and eliminate the manual work altogether. Automation is a major trend for businesses across the board. Automating your systems will let you send data directly to its destination without the need for human interference. 

Fewer touchpoints mean fewer opportunities for mistakes. Your EDI solution should be able to accommodate your systems and link them up for a low-touch operation, letting you spend less time looking for or fixing errors and more time focusing on the job at hand.

EDI Cost


One EDI problem that's especially pressing for small businesses is cost. In addition to unique hardware and software requirements, EDI also calls for in-house knowledge and IT resources to work the system and maintain it. 

Outsourcing your EDI can be a great way to rein in the costs and achieve a much more affordable solution. When you outsource your EDI, the third-party merchant will take care of both hardware and software requirements, providing technical support and helping you gain access to these powerful systems.

You can also use scaling to help keep outsourced EDI costs low. As your company grows, your outsourcing provider can grow with you, making it easy and cost-efficient to adapt to new ways of doing business. You can freely add to and change your systems to meet your evolving business needs.


Communication transparency is a key part of business operations. Transparency ensures that everyone is on the same page and has access to the most recent information. 

EDI transactions are a great way to improve communication transparency. For example, imagine that your invoicing team needs to resolve issues with an order while the warehouse is working on it. If only one department at a time can access the order, you'll likely see errors and delays. 

On the other hand, if you store your orders in a centralized data-managed platform, anyone who needs access to information can get it. Everything also stays up to date as information syncs up as soon as it's changed rather than relying on someone uploading an updated file.

EDI offers transparency through speed and real-time access to information. However, slow interchanges can counteract this benefit. The data exchange must happen in real time for your EDI to provide as much transparency as possible. When you and your partners all have simultaneous access to the same data, your businesses can run smoothly and stay up to date.


Integrating multiple partners together can be a challenge. While the goal of an EDI is to simplify your network, you need the right integration process to make sense of your partners' different systems. In addition to being compatible with all of your major systems, your EDI should offer all the features you need to ensure smooth integration.

ConnectPointz is a comprehensive solution that offers easy implementation and integrations with:

  • Enterprise resource planning software.
  • Retailers.
  • Accounting software.
  • Third-party logistics providers.
  • Returns management solutions.
  • File transfer protocol.

Whatever your network of partners and tools looks like, ConnectPointz can connect you and create an automated, centralized space for EDI.

How ConnectPointz Delivers a Smooth EDI Implementation

How ConnectPointz Delivers a Smooth EDI Implementation

ConnectPointz is a robust EDI platform. It delivers unmatched flexibility and all the features you need to overcome the challenges involved with EDI. ConnectPointz also offers a vast selection of connectors with industry tools like accounting software, retailer platforms, logistics systems and much more. 

ConnectPointz can simplify complex networks, reduce errors, limit costs, offer extensive visibility and link up with your partners — everything you need to address challenges typically associated with EDI.

To learn more about ConnectPointz and how it can fit into your business operations, reach out to a knowledgeable representative today!

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