Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates all aspects of a business (finance, human resources, manufacturing, etc.) into one streamlined system. Electronic data interchange (EDI) enables companies to streamline communications online rather than using traditional paper methods. 

ERP EDI integration allows you to support all your business processes with real-time paperless communications. This capability gives you a more direct and efficient method of maintaining the flow of information between your departments as well as your business partners. 

ConnectPointz offers a seamless transition to ERP EDI integration, allowing your business to direct all communications to an online platform for optimal efficiency. 

Integration With Sales Channels

Incorporating a reliable ERP EDI integration system allows you to record your sales, which means all of your sales data will be stored in one central cloud. This process can automate most of your operations and allows you and your customers to track data in real time. 

The ability to access all of your data conveniently from one central hub speeds the process of analyzing information to gain insight on pricing and inventory, making your pricing, selling and rebuying processes much more efficient. 

Integration With Shipping Channels

Integrating your shipping channels with EDI can expedite your shipping processes and give you greater control over details that may otherwise slip through the cracks. Organize your data and communications regarding shipment product information, arrival and departure times, and more, all in a single hub that works with your existing systems. 

EDI integration with shipping channels can improve your shipment accuracy and will allow for updates in real time, giving you more time to react in the event of unforeseen delays.  

Integration With Other Business Platforms

ConnectPointz allows you to integrate with other business platforms through ERP EDI integration, effectively shortening the communication thread. Unite communication across all business platforms for faster work performance and increased productivity rates. 

Reduce the reliance on manual entry for communication and eliminate human error with EDI. With the integration of EDI with your other business platforms, you can see faster turnarounds, fewer mistakes and higher efficiency levels. 

Additional Integration Methods

In addition to our EDI solutions, ConnectPointz also offers other innovative integrations for ERP, including:\

  • SAP: Through systems, applications and products (SAP) integration, you can connect your company's SAP solutions to expand system capabilities and enhance compliance and automation.
  • API: Application programming interfaces (APIs) enable communication between multiple software applications, devices or databases, allowing organizations to automate their business practices and improve data sharing.
  • FTP: File transfer protocol (FTP) is a network procedure used to move files between computers, enabling individuals to share and exchange data.

Why Choose ConnectPointz Integrations? 

ConnectPointz provides custom, end-to-end automation services to meet all your EDI needs. We have more than 35 years of experience in the industry and offer a range of affordable plans for any size of business. 

With ConnectPointz, you get a free demo, free automation audit and an independent system migration consultation. You can contact us online today to learn more about our services.