Case Study:

Case Study: Buiced


BUICED is a liquid vitamin product made in the USA that provides a month supply of daily shots to boost your life. By simply adding a 1 ounce shot everyday into your favorite glass of fresh veggie juice, your morning orange juice, apple juice, or even a glass of water, you will receive 100% the daily value of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid.


BUICED enlisted ConnectPointz to automate its processes when it began selling in Wal-Mart. When BUICED onboarded Rite-Aid and HEB in 2019, they confidently turned back to ConnectPointz ensuring that the communications between their trading partners and warehouses would be seamless and error-free.


“ACT DATA has been a tremendously valuable business partner as I continue to grow the BUICED Liquid Vitamin business with retailers across the United States.


“Starting with Wal-Mart in 2018, Michael Meyer and his team helped me create a “no touch” system that worked SO WELL in terms of processing and routing the purchase orders from Wal-Mart via EDI to my 3PL, and then closing the loop with the proper invoicing once those orders were shipped. We worked together to ensure this system was set up correctly. Once it was, it has worked like clockwork!


“Also, the customer service I receive from the entire ACT Data Services team has been second to none. I always know I will get an answer quickly, and so it helps ease my mind when potential issues arise, which are rare!


“As with any aspect of your business, there are many choices. I did the due diligence. For me, it came down to the fact that Mike and his team at ACT Data Services really listened to what my needs were, and then worked with me to adapt ConnectPointz to meet those needs. It’s not a cookie cutter model that puts the onus on me to take what is there and force fit it into my system. They cater it to my system!”

Ray Doudstar, 

Founder and Juicer 


Simply put, ConnectPointz has allowed BUICED to operate “hands-off” from order to shipment to invoice. Orders from Wal-Mart flow into ConnectPointz, which automatically routes orders to the assigned 3PL for fulfillment. ConnectPointz receives shipping information back and relays that data to the retailer in compliance. ConnectPointz also generates invoices to send to the retailers in the formats required within expected time frames.

With that automated system for Wal-Mart in place and successful, BUICED looked to ACT Data to add Rite-Aid and HEB to ConnectPointz as sales channels.

ConnectPointz was set up to communicate with BUICED’s chosen 3PL, Prime Distribution Services, to ensure that orders were being routed and fulfilled correctly and efficiently. ConnectPointz automatically aggregates incoming orders and provides for requested manual work on the part of BUICED ensuring the correct warehouse routing.


As BUICED continues to grow and bring on additional retail sales channels, ConnectPointz will allow for seamless expansion.

Case Study:
Bella Tunno

Case Study: Bella Tunno


Specializing in modern, colorful and innovative baby and parenting solutions for over a decade, Bella Tunno ( is a leader in the world of children’s accessories. Each purchase of a Bella Tunno product helps to provide a meal to an American child in need as part of the company’s commitment to Parenting with Purpose. Bella Tunno makes great products with an even greater purpose, a brand that stores are proud to carry and customers are proud to purchase.


Bella Tunno receives orders from multiple sources and trading partners: Brick & mortar retail; online through and Amazon; and additional sales channels and marketplaces. All these orders need to be aggregated, authenticated and routed correctly, first through NetSuite, their chosen ERP, and then transferred to their shipping partner. Originally an EDI client of ACT Data Services back in 2012, ConnectPointz enabled Bella Tunno to handle all of these different formats and platforms efficiently, accurately and seamlessly.


“With ConnectPointz, we no longer have to manually enter orders or load orders via flat files. ConnectPointz automates all our order workflows making sure we capture our orders in real time, enabling Bella Tunno to give our internal and external customers the information they need to successfully execute, track and follow their order status.”

Todd Buelow


ConnectPointz aggregates all incoming orders from all platforms.

ConnectPointz seamlessly transmits order data to NetSuite, enabling swift item fulfillment approval via NetSuite.

ConnectPointz transmits orders in the required formats to the warehouse, where they are received and acted upon by their 3PL.

The 3PL sends shipping and tracking information via ConnectPointz back to NetSuite.

ConnectPointz transmits shipping and tracking information to the sales channels when required.

ConnectPointz posts product invoices generated by NetSuite to the sales channels in the formats required, assuring prompt attention and settlement.


The entire process from order through delivery is automated for Bella Tunno via ConnectPointz, allowing trading partners access to the real-time data that is crucial to their business

Case Study:
Innovative Technology

Case Study: Innovative Technology


Innovative Technology was once a company with a single product placed in one retail chain. IT has grown to a collection of over 300 items that can be found in over 50,000 retail stores throughout 10 countries around the world. Their focus: design, develop, manufacture and bring to market high style, high quality, feature-rich consumer electronics, at affordable retail prices. Today, the manufacture and sale of Victrola ( products are the centerpiece of Innovative Technology’s business.


Innovative Technology first selected ACT Data to handle its EDI needs with retail orders from brick & mortar shops for their various electronics products. But over time ConnectPointz has played a critical role in assuring that orders and information move smoothly, and automatically, along the supply chain.


“ACT Data has been our EDI provider for several years. Last year, Innovative Technology had a major project to fully implement SAP and also implement EDI with our new 3PL partners. This had to be done without any disruption to our retail partners. ACT Data’s EDI skills and their industry knowledge was the key difference. We implemented with almost no involvement needed from our customers. We were 100% live before peak season and never would have made it without ACT Data and ConnectPointz leading the way.”

Ron Spencer


  • ConnectPointz aggregates all incoming orders from all platforms.

  • ConnectPointz seamlessly transmits that data to SAP, enabling orders to be swiftly evaluated and validated.

  • ConnectPointz transmits validated orders to the selected warehouses, both in the United States and Canada, in the required formats.

  • The 3PL sends shipping and tracking information via ConnectPointz to SAP.

  • ConnectPointz transmits shipping information to the sales channels when required.

  • ConnectPointz posts product invoices generated by SAP to the sales channels in the formats required, assuring prompt attention and settlement.

  • Whether it’s working with a retail chain, handling drop-ships, or fulfilling orders via websites on multiple marketplaces, for Innovative Technology, the entire process from order through delivery is smooth and automated via ConnectPointz.

Case Study:
Bare Ground

Case Study: Bare Ground

Bare Ground Background

For over two decades, Bare Ground has been using the most creative concepts to protect people and property without causing harm to the environment or animals that live in it. Bare Ground began with a non-corrosive liquid de-icer product and has expanded into dog scents, garlic animal repellents, and driveway sealants, among other helpful products. Once a winter company, now Bare Ground makes every season more bareable!

Critical Point

Bare Ground was growing, with multiple sales channels in both dot-com and brick & mortar.


Bare Ground was working simultaneously with six different methods and formats, incorporating several large EDI companies at the same time. They needed to consolidate their supply chain communication, seeking to use one portal to handle all their EDI and data needs.

What does ConnectPointz automate for Bare Ground

  • Invoices integrated with Quickbooks
  • All buyer and consumer orders consolidated into one portal in formats specific for trading partners (no changes!)
  • Bare Ground determined a custom workflow for orders to be uploaded
  • Packing lists generated for warehouse and 3PL
  • Files integrated with carriers (UPS/FedEx/USPS) to create shipping labels ready to use 
  • Tracking information generated and sent to trading partners and/or Bare Ground online customers
  • Custom automated weekly and monthly sales reports generated for Bare Ground 

What does ConnectPointz automate for Bare Ground

“There are few times in your business life that you take a gamble on the unknown and receive an unexpected giant return for time and money spent. ACT Data has been just that for our small business. In each and every case, ACT Data has lived up to and surpassed our expectations. Fast, direct and accurate customer service. No need to explain and re-explain your particular needs ad infinitum…they get it right the first time and every time. They have helped us get a real handle on our customer orders, providing better customer service and order processing wouldn’t have been possible without this gifted team.”

Ed Brookmyer
President, Bare Ground

Case Study:

Case Study: MXStuff4U


MXSTUFF4U, founded by Motocross veteran Tommy Hofmaster, supplies and sells over 400,000 motorcycle parts and accessories for dirt bikes, ATV, snowmobile, street bikes and UTV through their own website, as well as via Amazon and eBay.


With so many products, MXSTUFF4U needed ACT Data Services to develop a reliable communication channel between its distributors and its main sales channels, namely Amazon and eBay. They also needed an automated inventory tracker custom built for their sales processes. More importantly for their business, MXSTUFF4U wanted to avoid offering products to an end consumer that could not be delivered promptly. ACT Data Services successfully adapted ConnectPointz to implement a system that pulls products from the sales pages of Amazon and eBay when low inventory thresholds are met. This assured that distributors would have items ready to ship before products were placed back onto the virtual shelves.



“ACT Data Services has really simplified the order process. We are able to manage all marketplaces and the website from one location. It has really made the tracking of inventory, receiving orders, and pushing orders through very simple.”






  • Orders that come in through the company website, Amazon and eBay route automatically into ConnectPointz, where they are aggregated for MXSTUFF4U.

  • MXSTUFF4U has the option of holding orders for manual approval or automatically routing them directly to the proper distributors to be set for shipping to the consumer.

  • In addition to the custom inventory buffers that are automatically set up via ConnectPointz, when new products are added to the sales channel, they are automatically detected by ConnectPointz and included in the inventory management system.

In each and every case, ACT Data has lived up to and surpassed our expectations. Fast, direct and accurate customer service. No need to explain and re-explain your particular needs ad infinitum...they get it right the first time and every time.

Ed Brookmyer
President, Bare Ground

I had never set up a new EDI customer so I had no experience I’m grateful for your assistance and professionalism. You went above and beyond for someone who really had no idea of what to do. Thank you!

Sally Coviello
Sprigs Order Fulfillment

My company just entered the online retail space and were totally green. ConnectPointz made processing orders tracking inventory and shipments totally seamless for us from day one. The value of their service is priceless. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Laurie Ardies